• logos
  • alan bair photojournalist documents people and life in asia. solution: present a fresh visual that is friendly and denotes his imagery. alternate logo.
    alan bair photographer
  • london based whitecross set out to rebrand itself as a dynamic online business. solution: position
    whitecross data mining solutions as flexible and powerful. alternate logo.
  • for ten years the organisation tera was perceived as anarchists and trouble makers. solution: type
    design denotes the thoughtful intelligence of its members while the symbol reflects a contemporary
    interpretation of the areas namesake. final logo.
    the eagle rock association
  • soltero, descombs and soltero a bi-national holding company of mining operations. solution: the type enters into
    the negative space and reflects the nature of their work. final logo.

  • american healthcare management is a thirteen chain hospital group with facilities in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. solution: position itself as an inclusive community based healthcare provider. final logo.
    american healthcare managment
  • studio arts offers vocational computer training for entertainment industry artists and illustrators.
    solution: tagline is “technology for entertainment creatives”. final logo.
    studio arts
  • california hospital medical center, urban healthcare facility. solution: re-position as a community health center for a multi-cultural and multi-lingual population. final logo.
    california hospital medical center
  • united latino fund’s next evolution was to elevate their image from a grass roots organisation to an institutional funder. solution: develop a visual of hope, permanence and strength. final logo.
    united latino fund
  • a group of creative professionals providing marketing and creative services to the non-profit sector on a sliding scale. solution: define the product and service. final logo.
    better world communications
  • tropical fine coffees sought to differentiate and brand its various coffee roasts. solution: studies in
    popular armenian culture and imagery. final logos.
    tropical fine coffees
  • est is a manufacturing, construction, software developer and real estate services company. solutions:
    define various products and services across china, thailand and the us. final logos.
  • piacere international develops coffee brands and services, including (top) distributor’s id template,
    (l) espresso machine identity, (c) franchise cafes and (r) repair service. solutions: unify the aesthetics of
    the visual system. final logos.
  • solution: create a distinct identity that differentiates them from the typical entertainment industry
    look while maintaining their latino roots. studies in concept and visual treatment. alternate logos.
    the post department
  • (l) 78 records, online music publishing concept. solution: indulgent study of forms. alternate logo. (r) authentic picture corporation, film production. solution: express their classical roots. final logo.
    78 records, authentic pictures
  • (l) michael ovits used to love eating lunch from here. solution: whimsical. final logo. (c) grabiner/hall advertising. solution: sound and creative marketing has exponential benefits. alternate logo. (r)
    scholarship foundation fundraiser. solution: exude a sense of california style and fashion. final logo.
    french country cafe, grabner hall, fidm
  • architect, developer and property management partnership with projects aligned with metro stations. solution: identify each property’s unique architecture or culture and echo it in the identity. alternate
    logo studies, hollywood property.
    the metro at hollywood
  • startup venture seeking to develop a network of lifestyle and shopping webcams throughout non-mall shopping destinations. solution: define the service and keep it accessible. final logo.
    eye pasadena
  • facility management online resource. message: studies in form that redefine the work environment.
    final logo.
    facilities hotline
  • northeast los angeles picture of the week where local photographers and activists can share images of
    their neighbourhood going through gentrification. define the service. final logo.
    picture of the week
  • the urquiza group, contract architects and interior designers. solution: the interlocking type design emphasises the collaborative nature of the firm within a design-build team. final logo.
    the urquiza group
  • college literary and arts journal. solution: tagline, “what remains when the river has left”. the Y character
    becomes the metaphor for the arroyo. final logo.
    arroyo literary journal